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Owl Encounters- 'Have a Hoot!'

We find our most popular Animal Ambassadors to be our two beautiful owls- Autumn the African Barn Owl and Pigwidgeon the Southern white faced owl.


If you love owls as much as we do, why not arrange a 'Have A Hoot' experience!


We bring our owls to your home or venue and you will spend approximately 30 minutes with our knowledgeable keepers, teaching you safely how to handle the owls as well as learning everything you could ever want to know about their characters, natural history and what we can do to preserve native species for the future. At certain times of the year we even include short, indoor flights to your glove, if you have a suitable room.


Fun, informative and intimate, this close encounter is ideally suited to be enjoyed by one person (spectators are more than welcome), although more participants can be arranged- just get in touch and we'd be happy to help.


We also find that this affordable encounter is a wonderful surprise gift idea for any one who is owl mad.


"A massive thanks for bringing your lovely owls to my mums this afternoon. She didn't have a clue what was going on and it was a wonderful surprise.. The visit was worth every penny just to see the smile on my mums face. Thanks again, you and the owls are brilliant."


"Would like to thank you guys again, mum was so happy, really lifted her spirits.. my son also really enjoyed it thank you for letting him have a sneaky hold! He can't wait to tell all his friends and teachers!"


"Both of the owls were beautiful and I was overwhelmed when I got to hold them, such amazing creatures. Also the 2 speakers were lovely, they fitted into the event brilliantly and were incredibly knowledgeable, humorous and full of smiles. The girls were a real joy to listen to. I would recommend this experience to anyone with an interest or love for owls within a heart beat!!!"

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