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'Pawfect' Parties

For all you party animals, our 'Animal Ambassador' parties can be held in the comfort of your own home, or at a venue of your choice. They are suitable for people of all ages to add some fun, unique and educational entertainment. We create a decorated, jungle themed display area and then introduce you and your guests to our amazing animal team! Please note children under 5 do less direct handling of our animals, but still get hands on and up close, with some great photo opportunities with our 'Mini Explorers' party.


Check out our party ideas and information below. You can alter these to your own theme, or idea- just let us know! Our parties suit a variety of occasions and themes, not just birthdays! Please send us an email for full information and prices.

Party Ideas from Previous Customers

We have been lucky enough to be involved with some amazing customer party ideas! We can fit our educational and fun talks around a theme and can provide additional decorations for certain events. Take a look below to see some of the ideas that we and our customers have had and have a look at our photo gallery to get your imagination flowing!

Under 5's 'Mini Explorer' Party

A less hands on session, designed for little ones- with a close up look at a wide range of animals, including giant snails, tortoises, an owl and more!.

'The 'Animal Ambassador' Party

For over 5's and adults, with the full critter crew! Get hands on with invertebrates, reptiles, small mammals and owls


 'Meet The Mini Beasts' Party

An up close and personal encounter, you will get to handle and/or touch a wide variety of giant invertebrates from around the World!

'Care of Magical Cretures' Parties

We can bring along a wide range of animals that you may find in the Wizarding World. Norbert the dragon an owl and Scabbers the rat are some of the favourites. We will also teach the group how to cast some basic spells on magical Chip, the performing dog! Petrificus Totalus!

Easter and Spring Themed Parties

We can attend Easter themed events with our fluffier animals and Easter themed stand.

Halloween Party

Creepy crawlies and mini-beasts galore, plus our Halloween stand. One of our favourite themes, our presenters also dress up and get in the 'spirit'.

Christmas Party

A festive-fun  themed set up, presenters and even Chip the dog has a Christmas party outfit! 

What Does a Party Entail?

  • Parties are approximately 1 hour long for over 5's parties and 45 minutes for under 5's. This can vary depending on the group.

  • Packages include up to 15 children, as we find this is the ideal maximum number for a close knit, hands on animal encounter. For larger groups, you can pay for additional guests.

  • In an up close and personal encounter, you will get to handle and/or touch a wide variety of animals, including invertebrates, reptiles, small mammals and owls!

  • Lots of fantastic photo opportunities.

  • Live feeding demonstrations, or you may even get to feed some of the animals, especially if you are the birthday child!

  • For over 5's parties, each child gets to hold an owl on a falconry glove, 15 children max for this opportunity.

  • If Chip the 'party pooch' is chosen- he can be pet and will 'shake hands', before showing off his 'pawsome performance'.

  • Educational, interesting facts and Q&A's presented in an exciting, fun way by two of our experienced presenters.

  • We bring along a variety of animals that suit parties and your requests, although animals can be subject to change on the day.

  • Parties include invitations you can download and print and our top tips for a PAWsome party.

  • 'Animal Ambassador' parties also include a small birthday gift from 'It's Our Planet Too'.

For more information and pricing, please email us, or fill in your location and preferred dates on our contact form

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