Owl Pellet Workshop

Welcome to the fascinating world of owl pellets, or castings!


Owls swallow their prey whole- bones and all, so they have a specialist digestive system to deal with this. Different to poop or sick, a pellet is a regurgitated ball of all the bits and bobs an owl cannot digest.


Pellets can contain the fur, feathers, teeth, bones and beetle wing casings from an owls last meal!


If you book an owl pellet workshop an amazing two hours of surprise and intrigue is guaranteed!


Meet our two owls, hold an owl and examine and dissect a wild barn owl or tawny owl pellet! Everyone will then get to complete their owl record sheet for their pellet. What will you find in yours?! All of our pellets are collected in Bedfordshire by local and experienced ecologists who kindly donate them to us for education.


Pellet dissection workshops are great for schools, holiday clubs and activities and for anyone interested in owls! We can cater for small groups up to 30 children (plus accompanying adults when desired). These workshops are suitable for adults, young people and children aged 5+.


Please get in touch for a quote and to discuss availability of dates and owl pellets.


Also check out our upcoming events on our homepage to see if there's an upcoming Owl Pellet Workshop near you soon!