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ZOOm Online Sessions

Our innovative, award-winning online service means we can visit you ANYWHERE (!) in the UK- or even the world! So we really are covering Bedfordshire and beyond!


These fun, interactive sessions were created in COVID and are still proving popular and relevant. A well as being an affordable way for us to visit schools, they are also perfect for vulnerable, shielding people and for groups, clubs and families that can’t meet in person, or for large group sizes. They are also great for children and adults with SEN, particularly those who struggle with sensory processing.


After arranging a ZOOm experience with us, you set up the meeting on your preferred platform and send out the details to ourselves and to those you are inviting. We recommend a maximum of around 15 devices joining one meeting- but this can be discussed with us.


These virtual animal encounters last approximately 45-minutes, with 3 different species, usually a hedgehog, a bearded dragon and an owl. Our online sessions are easy to arrange and suit smaller budgets.

We are also a provider for Virtual School Visits, who have a range of easy to book and incredible online speakers. We have ZOOmed with them to schools in Dubai, Spain and Scotland, just to name a few!


Thank you so much! Lucy absolutely loved it and is currently running around screaming I met a real harvest mouse! It’s really made her day. You were great with them all and her brother loved seeing the bearded dragon and Ron Wealey’s owl.
-Carolyn Hamilton
The grown ups enjoyed it as much as Thomas did 😁
-Joanne Burgess
Logan (& his very noisy little brother Brodie) really enjoyed the zoom call - thank you!!!
-Corinne Beddall
Hey Becky, we loved it! Thanks so much. Our feedback on the Zoom is all positive - a nice variety of animals, we learned loads, had fun, and you were great with Thomas. Thank you again 😊
-Emma Bee

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